I used to see a therapist. She was great, didn’t even charge for every session. But that’s off topic here’s the story.

One day she tells me about some relatable experiences with another one of her clients. She describes a young woman who deals with anxiety by having a care-free attitude. Proud of her tattooed and pierced appearance, and no apology about her outlook on the world. She expressed herself through wonderfully surreal and impressive artwork. She had methods to practice self love and it made her glow in conversations.

Well one day I meet a person with a lot of the same descriptions. She reminded me a little of the woman my therapist had told me about but didn’t think anything of it. When I met her again I noticed a familiar glow that was described to me by my therapist, once again like the woman from the story.

Finally, I went to an art show and saw her artwork. I knew almost right away this must be the same person I was told about. I asked her “Have you ever had therapy with Dr. [redacted]?” Turns out she has. Pretty cool stuff.

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