You don’t know how to swim because you can float at the surface,
Where the sun is warm and you don’t have to gasp for breath,
But when you can’t float you’re doomed to swim,
Choking on water and aware of the deep,
And we must sink when we’re too tired to swim,
Descending the cold where the sun is dim.

We’re in this pit together, a deep hole where we try to climb higher
But sometimes the sunset makes it feel brighter
If you just stop and watch it fade away to grey,
You can feel the hope that salvation is moments away
If even for a fleeting few seconds
We can enjoy the sunset together

She rides in the passenger seat next to me
taking photos out the window of everything I wish I could see.
She keeps the best of them and shows them to me.
On our way to the Red Box but she walks right past it
To photograph the sky before the sunset has lasted.

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