One roll of film over three years

The most appealing thing about analog photography for me is that by the time I get the film developed, I’ve forgotten all photos I’ve taken. It’s like taking a trip down memory lane and the film gives it that extra nostalgic emotion. I started this 24 frame roll of film in 2017 and finally finished it off in 2019. All taken on a F 1.5 50mm lens on my Canon AE-1 film camera.

Among the first few photos was of a wooden chessboard in Gerard Park at dusk. Purposefully underexposed to reveal some of the grain and give it a high contrast look. I love how it turned out.

A few less dramatic exposures of the same chess board.

Next came a few photos of a floating lantern from a festival in Downtown Lafayette. I’m really surprised this even came out at all, considering I took it at night.

These next few frames are from a Native American ritual at Acadian Village. I like this one because the grain, color template, and atmosphere perfectly captures what I would expect an amateur photograph from the 70’s to look like.

These next two photos were from a camping trip with some friends at the beginning of 2019. I spent more time with my digital camera but I did manage to capture these little golf-ball sized pine cones and a shot of our campsite.

This is what looks like an abstract of the bamboo shades in my room. I really like the atmosphere it creates in the late afternoon so I’m guessing that’s when I took this one.

A severely low light photo of our cat Ponzu waiting for some scratches.

I took this photo of an exchange I was witness to.

My final photo from this roll is one of the only ones I remember taking. My friend Kayla smiles at the camera while I tell her some cheesy jokes.

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