New Leaf

This year will be the first page in a new chapter of my life. I’m dedicating myself to self improvement for my sake and the sake of my family and friends.

I will continue to cultivate empathy and introspection, and develop habits to support these emotions. I will be a better listener not only to people’s words but also their feelings.

I will give attention to positive thoughts and discount the rest. I will reflect this in my words and actions.

I will seek not only to improve my own life but also the lives of my family. I will dedicate more focus towards their interests and support them to contribute to the enrichment of their own lives. I can be a better son and a better brother. My family is my Tribe and therefore they are me.

I’m going to take better care of my health so I can enjoy more things and be the energetic person that I used to be. I will go outside of my comfort zone as a daily rule.

For years I’ve enjoyed photography and art as a hobby. This year will be the year that I finally make a name for myself as a local guy with his own style of admiring the natural world.

I’m going to get better sleep both in quality and quantity. I’m going to dream a lot as I often do and enjoy the time I spend in those dreams.

At work I will be more punctual and continue to grow in knowledge, utility, and maximization. I will empower my coworkers with knowledge and skills, and listen to them when they do the same for me. I will be more responsible with my time and finances.


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