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Born and raised in Louisiana I came to love the beauty of the natural word and its wildlife. I recognize the unimaginable age in everything natural which invokes an ancient spiritual connection to creation. I bought a camera to capture this emotion I felt in the creatures and places I found. It took years of practice but I eventually began to see that emotion in the photos I produced as I became more involved in learning post-processing, advancing photography techniques, and eventually trying my hand at digital art and photo manipulation. My end goal in my art and photography is to feel something when I look at it. If I can inspire these feelings within someone else then I consider it a success.

Nature & Wildlife

I started off in wildlife photography, enjoying the thrill of finding wildlife to photograph and capture nature in its raw form. I liked hiking through the woods and seeing new sites and snapping photos of interesting things without much thought into photography techniques.

I liked looking for snakes or other wild animals to photograph. It’s easy to find things like that down here.

Ideally I would like to get photos from all of the great nature spots in Louisiana. I have a lot of places to check off before I finish that list!


I call them “adventures” because I’m not sure how else to categorize it. My favorite aspect of photography is not necessarily one technique but rather taking adventures and documenting them in meaningful ways. One of my favorite adventure types is exploring abandoned buildings! I’ve done this several times with friends and I highly suggest it. It’s a great experience!

If you know of any cool spots or you’d like to join the adventure, shoot me a message. I’m always down for more company and ideas!


My little siblings play a lot of sports and so I had some opportunity to learn how to take photos of quick moving objects from far away. It was similar to some of the wildlife photography I’d done in the past but it presented some new challenges. I experiment a lot with sports photography because there’s so many ways to take the shot. I really enjoy a nice crisp photo of the subject but some motion blur can also make for a cool effect.

Here’s a photo of ULL’s Formula SAE racecar with some motion blur. This was taken at Cajun Field during a test run where the engineers were testing the fuel injection system and suspension.

The sports I normally shoot are tennis, soccer, baseball, and football. I’m always on the lookout for local games when I have free time.


Landscapes are a photo style that I have less experience in than I’d like. However, it’s something I’m actively seeking out. Luckily there’s a lot of opportunity in Louisiana for landscape photos that I just haven’t yet tapped into.

This photo was taken in Breaux Bridge overlooking the Cargill Salt Mine at dusk.

I’m mostly interested in trying my hand at astrophotography. Hopefully someday soon I’ll have some milky way photos to share — ideally from the low light pollution areas in North Louisiana or Texas.

Street & Portraits

At one point a friend of mine reminded me that taking photos of everyday people is actually a thing. I was late to the street photography and portraits scene but I’m in it nonetheless.

This photo was taken at the Wurst Biergarten at Downtown Lafayette on a 35mm film camera. I have a few film cameras I like to mess around with because of the retro look and feel. This photo was taken on a Canon AE-1 with a 50mm 1.8 lens using Kodak Ultramax 400 film.

Long Exposure

Long exposure photography is one of my favorite styles of photography. You’re able to capture light in a way completely invisible to us in any other format of vision. It turns the world around us into something really extraordinary which is wonderful.

I took this shot at the Cajun Heartland State Fair. It’s a 12 second exposure of some spinning dizzy ride thing. The ferris wheel also looks pretty gnarly in a long exposure shot.


My friend and I also enjoy keeping 35mm film alive, so we shoot on a few old film cameras now and then for the fun and nostalgia.


Once I learned that I love astrophotography it became a new obsession. Mixing photography, the cosmos, friends and music while stargazing is a good start to a great night.

Digital Art, Surreal and Abstract Photography

As I started learning these editing programs, I began to combine my desire to learn art with photography. The result was a bunch of digital artwork along with surreal and abstract photography.

surreal photography / abstract photography

Other Stuff:

I also like to help my dad with his side business: Cajun Boy Seasoning! A delicious all-purpose seasoning with an authentic Cajun recipe. If you’re interested, use coupon code HUNTER for 10% off everything in your cart!