When I think of outer space I think of these massive bodies like planets and suns and galaxies that are so huge they warp the fabric of the universe around themselves into their own world. Gods. Much like ourselves and our minds. They each have different gravitational masses that cause completely different interactions with one another. Some bodies take a long, slow process before they finally lock into a gravitational orbit with another body. Some don’t mix and will interact and then fling out of reach. Others are like two neutron stars that will instantly have a heavy attraction to one another and become very close very quickly. This is how I see the social network of humans. That tribal social interconnectivity built into our brains. We meet people and interact with them, and some of us will form a bond. I met a coworker at an art show this weekend and I learned more about her than I’ve gathered after working with her for 4 months. I learned she’s pretty cool and would make a great friend. But others will fling past and drift away. We’ve all met people where conversations are forced and silences are awkward. And then there’s the high density feelers with massive emotional gravity, and these people can lock instantly. Down here on Earth we call this an instant connection. I think this might have happened to me this month. An instant connection with a girl I didn’t expect to come along in my life. I started talking to this wonderful girl I met and I had no reason to think this would be anything other than the usual forced conversations and awkward hookup. But this time it turned out to be different. We talk and joke effortlessly, I can speak my mind freely and openly and be completely understood. She’s beautiful, fun to be around, and my day couldn’t get any better when I’m with her. She seems to share these same feelings, and in some ways we already act like a strongly bonded couple. I don’t know if things will pan out with this wonderfully strong and genuine person, but for the first time in a long time I find myself really hoping it does work out. And if it doesn’t, it will have been time well spent with a very wonderful person.

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