airsoft guns!

My next big idea is to get a paintball gun or pellet gun or something and bring it to the pasture. I realized the family pasture is a perfect environment for airsoft wars! Walkie talkies would make for some good shit talking and/or coordination. I mostly just want to hunt Bennett walking through the woods like a fucking idiot.

Game type ideas

Capture the flag

There should be two flags on the field to avoid camping. This will make the defense have to strategically spread out to defend the flags. The infiltrating team has to capture at least one of the flags and return it to base.

Wait a minute, why are we doing flags? It would be cool to take a red rag and tie it around a golf ball or something, but we could make this more immersive. We should take an old RAM stick or something and make it seem like we’re stealing “intel”. Perfect! And/or we could have a few different objectives. For example: You need to capture the flag and return it to base in order to win. But if you also obtain the intel, then it’s extra points! If you get BOTH flags, then it’s also extra points!

Hunter vs Hunted

Just as it sounds! The hunter has the bigger gun, the prey has a smaller gun. The game ends when the hunter takes out the prey. One shot. If the prey lands a shot on the hunter, then the hunter is frozen for 30 seconds or so.

To win, you must get the fastest time as the hunter. Or the longest time as the hunted.

Predator / Rambo

All players are trying to survive. One player is the Predator with the best gear, trying to eliminate everyone. The best play field would be a medium-sized thick forest. If the Predator is shot, he freezes for 30 seconds. If another player is shot, they are eliminated. When it comes down to 1v1, the Predator can die with only one shot.

There could also be a variation of capture the flag where a team is trying to capture a flag and the predator is trying to eliminate everyone.

Or a variation where the team must get from point A to point B. If they get to point B, they escape the forest and survive.

Fox Hunt

One person is being hunted. He is unarmed. All other players are hunting him. Survive as long as you can.

Base Infiltration

One team is defending the abandoned buildings within the fence. Another team must infiltrate the base. There may be some objectives within the facility that the infiltration must complete. Capture the intel. Plant a bomb that takes 30 seconds to go off, etc.

Assassinate the Leader

One team has a leader that they must defend. The other team is trying to assassinate him. The game ends when the leader is assassinated, or the attacking team is eliminated.

Another version of this is to have a leader on both teams. First team to eliminate the enemy leader wins!

Team Deathmatch

An elimination match between two teams or more teams. Three teams of two would be a lot of fun.

Free for All

Every player for themselves. Single shot elimination. When only one player remains, the game ends and a winner is declared. Last man standing gets a win, and the player with the most kills gets a win.

MGS3 Style 1v1 Sneaky Snipers

One versus one. Preferably played in wooded areas like Dead Cow Sad woods or near the blackberry forest. One shot elimination and the game ends.


Dead Cow Sad Forest

The thick woods next to Dead Cow Sad. That would be a great place to have the MGS3 style sneaking battles. It would also be great for Hunter vs Hunted!

Abandoned Facility

The abandoned facility has a few abandoned buildings and is completely fenced in. This would be the most urban environment at the pasture. We may be able to improve this arena by bringing in more cover such as large pieces of junk. Great for infiltration and defensive game types.

Creek Forest

The creek forest runs along the back side of the property. It’s thick with woods, a few trails, and has a creek that runs from the bayou to the end of the property on the other side. There’s a bridge, creek, fallen trees, bushes, and a good mix of thick and thin woods.

Other thoughts

BRUH, I could wear my green combat watch! That will be awesome. And we can use timers when a hunter gets shot and is timed out for a few seconds.

I can’t wait to shoot Bennett in the ass when he’s least expecting it. This is going to be fun.

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