My name is Hunter and I sometimes like to document my semi-interesting adventures with wordy blogs and photos. I also go by Doomsy.

Associated Organizations

  • Abbeville Omelet Festival – Photographer
  • Acadiana Animal Aid – Volunteer
  • Acadiana Bird Club, Inc. – Director of Marketing
  • Acadiana Chess Club – Founder
  • Acadiana Click – Photographer & Videographer
  • Louisiane Acadie – Webmaster
  • Magnolia Shed Series – Photographer
  • SETI@home, MilkyWay@home – Participant of ULL Chapter
  • Southern Screen Film Festival – Photographer
  • Yansommi Video Production – Photographer & Videographer

Hobbies and Passions

I have a lot of hobbies and interests including biking, photography & digital art, sketching, kayaking, kick boxing & taekwondo, stylish hacky sacking, soccer, learning fresh yoyo tricks, hammocking, hiking, forest running, climbing, swimming, collecting oddities, insect taxidermy, skull & bone collecting, grave rubbing, urban sneaking, musical euphoria, exploring abandoned & forbidden places, origami, improv, movie nights, the macabre, poetry, hunting, fishing, stargazing.

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