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Various Extracurricular Projects

What is your IP Address?

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  • IP Address
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  • Nature Photos

Determine your current IP address in large, friendly letters, as it appears publically from your current browser. See a new photo on each page load!

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Symba ## Syllogism Program ##

  • Philosophy
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  • Symbolic Logic
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  • Coming Soon!

Input an argument and have it analyized and spit out in symbolic logic, as well as a printed assessment of argument forms and detailed explanations.

Paddy's Pub

I love life at Paddy's Pub

A simple pill injested by a man who received a simple idea, a simple thought -- so clear and sharp that it cut through his mind like a sharp cheese.

Drunk Panda

Generates random handles to help you gain ideas for your tag. Good for brainstorming gamertags, steam names, and other handles.

Knowledge Archives

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White noise simulator for work, sleep, or meditation. Headphones may improve the experience.

Password Generator

Four password generators for various levels of security. Ranging from Simple to Unmanageably strong, generate random or difficult passwords that will keep people out and meet most account password standards.

If you seek an answer, it is probably on the internet.

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