Recommended Password:



Easy to remember at the expense of security.

Example Uses:

Granmda's Computer
Accounts you hate


A bit stronger but more difficult to remember.

Example Uses:

Guest WiFi
Home Computer


Copypasta starts to become necessary at this level.

Example Uses:

Online Banking
Email Accounts


Extremely complex to protect very sensitive information.

Example Uses:

Web Admin Logins
Bank Accounts


If you elect to use familiar words or numbers in your password for better remembering, it's important not to use words or numbers that are personable to you. For example: Your birthdate, or your partner, children, or family's birthdates are easy guesses. Also your anniversary dates, house number, and any other identifiable dates are easily guessed. Also refrain from words such as names of people you know, your favorite sports teams, etc. It's much more secure to have the words and numbers randomly selected. It is recommended that you use a STRONG password for accounts with sensitive information such as banking and school accounts.

Your password should NOT contain:

  • Names or variations of names of your family, friends, or favorite celebrities
  • References to your usernames, logins, or aliases
  • Dictionary words
  • Passwords similar to your previous passwords
  • Any combination of numbers pertaining to a date of birth, anniversary, or SSN

Your password should be:

  • Randomized characters, letters, and numbers
  • Dissimilar from previous passwords
  • Different from passwords on other accounts
  • Longer than 8 characters
  • Changed frequently